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In the modern workplace, time is crucial. Managing your inbox is still a nightmare, despite technological advancements. Knowmail is on a mission to transform that landscape. Haim Senior, Founder & CEO at Knowmail, a Personalized AI Engine designed to assist users focus, save time, and be more successful. Knowmail is incrementally transforming how we manage our day and how their newest collaboration with Avaya introduces email to the desk phone.

Knowmail AI has the Avaya Vantage. The reality of communication today is that all communications are yet to be unified. Bringing together voice communications and written communications has been connected via UC vendors, but email has always been an aside. Knowmail now provides a compelling email and messaging interface for the Avaya Vantage™ series.

Haim says this is perfect for when an employee develops early in the morning and only has a few minutes before their first meeting. Fairly than boot their computer and wait for an email to load up, they can reach their most important tasks and activities from the handset. “When you are working at your desk, the phone becomes an extension of the desktop. The idea here is to focus your attention on things that matter most now.

Following Slack’s acquisition of Astro and Slack, CTO Cal Henderson stating that “email will never die,” Haim speculated on the importance of email and how it will never just disappear. Haim adds, “Just like the phone, email is a protocol that isn’t controlled by anyone, so companies and application developers like to couple themselves with such technology understanding it will stay around forever.”

“Even with Slack, you have to identify yourself with an email address. Knowmail works by prioritizing your emails and presenting you with a predicted next-best-action to get more done in less time.” Haim says, “The Knowmail platform creates a personalised Artificial Intelligence. experience for each user by privately and securely grasping patterns and behaviours, to define whether items are urgent, important, actionable or time consuming”.

Unlike other technologies, Knowmail’s personalized AI can experience, time, and track intelligent insights like conferences, notes, personal tasks, and follow-ups specific to you. Knowmail extracts only what is needed for the specific user to personalize his or her experience. Haim employed the example of marketing businesses that use actionable keywords like “call us” or “download our ebook” so that these novice machines will apprehend those calls to action as an activity or tag these emails as something you should focus on. “You may not want to download that ebook but Knowmail extracts only those aspects specific to you.”

Haim shows that Knowmail had received provisions to expand beyond email. “We’ve had several requests from our partners and are currently working to expand Knowmail’s AI personalisation platform to meetings, tasks, notes and other work-related capabilities. Thanks to our modular AI architecture, expanding the platform to support those functionalities is a fast process”.

The same engine powering emails is now encouraging users to transform a meeting into follow-up activities. “We’ve combined smart understanding about what is truly relevant to a particular meeting via a machine.” Readers may be familiar with Zapier style “if this, then that” functionality. Knowmail already knows the due dates and expected actions, so it goes further than this and introduces certain machine learning. Haim gave an instance of being a project manager with a recurring meeting every week. Knowmail will know what items are required for this meeting, so you have prompts, and therefore time, to provide for that meeting. From emails to meetings, on laptop or desk phone, the hands-free, always-on, every machine world has taken over from the traditional office. With this on an indisputable upward curve, the holistic Knowmail experience is sure to take off.