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Rob Chen
Rob Chen, CEO

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“Brightlink’s competitive advantage is in delivering a holistic and integrated value proposition for communications that include cloud applications with proven network services capabilities that have been fully bundled and integrated via a robust CPaaS platform.”

As communications technology advances and expands, the market for managed services continues to expand. There are more devices for businesses to manage, more services being given, and more technology solutions being sold. Customers of all kinds engage outside service providers and use a higher percentage of their IT budget on managed communication services.

But what services are consumers looking for specifically? Storage, backup, and disaster recovery are high on the list. But hosted PBX, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and integrating diverse systems with cloud technologies are climbing to the top rather quickly. Over 57% of enterprises are moving toward hybrid IT environments in 2020. Consequently, combining their on-premises systems with off-premises cloud resources.

Because businesses understand the benefits of migrating to IP telephony with UC services, combining voice with characteristics like instant messaging, employee availability (away, on a call, busy, etc.), voicemail-to-email, and other features are modifying the way MSPs’ customers are doing business. UCaaS makes it easier for them to combine with their remote workers, access significant communications data and files, respond to customer interrogations, and more, all from one location – whether it’s an online platform or a mobile app.

But, as businesses focus on strengthening their communications technology through UC platforms, they’re also looking to streamline their vendors. After all, why pay sixteen bills for sixteen solutions when you could pay one bill for sixteen solutions? These purposes put you in a unique position to remain a strategic partner by prolonging the value you provide to your customers. By combining UC with your offerings, you can boost profit margins, build a recurring income from current customers, and even attract new customers.

Hosted VoIP is one of your must-have contributions because that’s the direction your customers are heading. Plus, that’s a service they need. But you also have to understand their expectations when it occurs to communications technology. This assists users choose the right Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider. Don’t pick a provider based on price solely since some lower-priced solutions don’t include the features the end-user needs.

Here’s what the business phone customers are demanding from a UCaaS provider (in no particular order of significance):

  • Great voice quality
  • Network integration
  • Affordable pricing
  • Mobility with WebRTC and softphones
  • Flexible billing
  • Assistive, cutting-edge features
  • Maximum security at all levels – integration, network, application

Brightlink PBXCloud delivers precisely that: a rock-solid, redundant unified communications platform with all the characteristics your customers need to be created on Brightlink’s proprietary VoIP network.

With Brightlink PBXCloud’s open APIs, users can deliver even more value to their customers with custom integrations into the solutions they already present.

Innovative, Scalable Solutions

The Unified Communications (UC) market is encountering exhilarating growth as it empowers organizations to collaborate easily and sail through the transforming landscape of business communication. UC solutions allow businesses to leverage their existing on-site platforms while taking advantage of the latest capacities and applications in the cloud and various communication systems such as chat, video, file sharing, collaboration, and conferencing. However, carriers’ major difficulty while delivering UC tools is keeping pace with the dynamic trends and offering scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Well-positioned to address this challenge, Atlanta, GA-based Brightlink IP, produces innovative, scalable solutions for global unified communications along with cloud networking settings. “We deliver easy-to-deploy voice solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration and enterprise platforms,” says Joe White, COO, Brightlink IP.

Brightlink IP promotes UC platforms, products, and feature sets by providing a network for holding, performing, hosting, and connecting UC solutions. “One of our most differentiating determinants is that we sell our services on our network,” explains White. The company employs its network and assets to facilitate UC and hosts Microsoft verified Skype for business trunking. Along with developing its voice networks, the organization has also built in-house Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) and SMS platforms.

Brightlink IP’s geo-redundant and scalable unified mobile messaging platform enables its consumers’ mobile strategy by using its network that connects over 1200 carriers globally. “All of our numbers (DIDs) are SMS, and MMS approved permitting users to send and get text and picture messages from their desk phones and other UC applications,” describes White. “We also enable M2M communications that go over SMS.

Brightlink IP allows business by leveraging our networks specifically built for the heavy demand of carriers. Either via traditional interconnections or IP, carriers demand ultra-fast transaction times, security, and quality with the ability to connect with clients throughout the world. Besides, Brightlink IP gives Enterprise customers the capability to connect locations with dedicated bandwidth and manage a centralized management point, segregating various traffic types on a single network.

“We deliver easy-to-deploy voice solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) and enterprise platforms with excellent quality,” states White. “Our platform supports high-definition audio and video transmission, on demand voice transcoding, automatic data and voice capacity augmentation, and real time voice and data Quality of service (QoS) inspection.” With minimal cost, subsisting telephone numbers can be easily ported to Brightlink’s global Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services. Brightlink IP helps consumers by delivering a comprehensive service portfolio and an unsurpassed communications network that encompasses end-users quickly, anywhere around the world.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Backed by the severity of working with a single provider for unified communications to complete managed cloud networking services, Brightlink IP gives innovative, scalable solutions. Brightlink IP’s robust messaging platform takes global unified communications and collaboration operations to a new level, rendering unparalleled features and reliability. They deliver easy-to-deploy voice solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) and enterprise platforms with excellent quality.

By being a Microsoft partner and combining with the Skype for Business platform, companies can take complete advantage of Brightlink IP’s SIP trunks, Toll-Free Numbers, Local DID’s. Skype for business consumers can also build customized applications to inform users about online meetings, remind attendees of tasks, and even share presentations, audio recordings, and videos to any mobile device on any network through the Brightlink Messaging platform. Brightlink IP’s cloud platform permits sending messages anytime and anywhere via HTTP without requiring a separate application. Further, it can be promotional materials and information relative to customer engagement and preferences in real-time boosting customer ROI by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing resources to consumers with mobile communication needs.

“With our customized, secure communications solutions we service some of the largest Enterprises in the world,” explains White. In one instance, a company that had to deal with a low rate of answered calls from their call centers approached Brightlink to find an effective way to contact their customers. “This company faced huge roadblocks in contacting customers without their own text messaging capacity in their network,” says White. To this end, Brightlink’s unified mobile messaging platform reliably presented messages to clients at any destination without the need to maintain carrier relationships and intermediaries. Hence, the employees could send and receive custom order acknowledgments from customers at any time without having to switch phone numbers or install additional infrastructure.

Business Communications in the Cloud

There are more channels to communicate than ever before. And for most enterprises that utilize multiple communications platforms, each one is usually built on standalone technology that’s complicated and difficult to implement. This no longer requires to be the presence.

With the advent of cloud-based applications, all the functionality of voice, messaging, and other information channels can now be easily accessible on-demand via the cloud. Brightlink Communications Cloud is a suite of business applications that permits you to engage with your customers more effectively. Designed to be readily scalable and to include automatic updates of new features and enhancements, users will always have the latest cloud communications technology advancements so their capabilities can keep up with the growing business requirements.

Brightlink Communications Cloud starts with PBXCloud for Enterprise voice and phone requirements and MessageView for business messaging, but we will continue to add innovative solutions to this expanding suite of applications. All Brightlink Communications Cloud applications are possible from Brightlink as well as our reseller partners.

Rob Chen, Brightlink’s CEO, tells Channel Partners this acquisition enhances his company’s capacity to jointly sell communications cloud applications with its distribution partners by developing Brightlink’s sales and service capacity.

“Brightlink’s go-to-market strategy today involves an ecosystem of both sell-through and sell-with partners,” he states. “For larger enterprises [that] require a more sophisticated and holistic solution-selling approach, Brightlink will typically work with a partner to jointly sell Brightlink solutions. A good example of this is Protel, a distribution partner on the West Coast that specializes in cloud PBX offerings, who together with Brightlink has helped expand the reach of Brightlink’s offerings to enterprises in industries ranging from travel to consumer electronics.”

“Brightlink’s competitive advantage is in delivering a holistic and integrated value proposition for communications that includes cloud appliations with proven network services capabilities that have been fully bundled and integrated via a robust CPaaS platform,” Chen said. “Brightlink delivers a comprehensive solution across communication channels – [for example], PBXCloud for voice and MessageView for messaging – that is also easily co-branded and delivered through partners.”