360° View of the Customer

Vinod Muthukrishnan
Vinod Muthukrishnan, Co-Founder & CEO


CC Cloudcherry


One of the major challenges that are prevalent in the contact center arena is personalizing the experience that one can feel with a representative on the phone and offer the customers a more personalized experience. Utah based CloudCherry is transforming this challenge along with many more by offering a solution that allows the contact center representatives to have a much deeper view of the customer from their NPS score to other specific metrics. The company’s powerful integrations bring all of the data together, so users can uncover trends among specific customer segments and gain a new level of connectivity to the customer for holistic insights. CloudCherry is not focused on a single journey or metric but believes that a true CEM program encompasses a more holistic approach.

CloudCherry was incorporated with a bunch of passionate people looking to make the world a more delightful place for customers. “The best journeys involve incredible memories and childlike anticipation for what is coming. Ours is one such journey,” says Vinod Muthukrishnan, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudCherry. “At CloudCherry, we do more than what is expected. And it’s about helping brands do the same for their customers.” The company prides itself on having a culture that blends fun and learning with impactful work.

And they firmly believe that customer experience starts with the employee experience. Passionate, Ownership driven teams, when given the freedom to execute bedded in a culture of learning, create impact and change the world for the better.

To capture the power of the customer journey map, CloudCherry approaches a journey with specific channel components and touchpoints related to those channels. With that they are able to build unique journeys called micro journeys, and each journey is unique and involves different channels and interaction with a brand. “To bring this in the CEM platform we first map it out with the respective company to ensure we understand the specific journeys people can follow,” explains Vinod. “Using open API’s allows us to have isbi-directional sync, a push and pull method. We also bring this data into the CEM platform so we can see one view of the data and minimize the pain of having those in separate systems.”

According to Vinod, the biggest strength is CloudCherry is their ability to bring CX data to life with their dashboards and reporting. They don’t require a separate license fee for other users within the organization to use it. CloudCherry customizes the view of those dashboards and reports based on their role, and as their dashboards are intuitive users don’t need a consultant to tell them what’s happening. CloudCherry’s AI and Predictive is built on top of that to give those insights and recommendations in real-time. Whatever is on the dashboard can also be articulated through their CX on voice feature. For example, “CloudCherry what is my current NPS score?” the answer is returned with a recommendation as well.

In an instance, CloudCherry has been working with PUMA for a few years now. With CloudCherry’s CEM product they have now been able to turn it into a revenue generator, giving PUMA’s in-store representatives notifications with insights on apparel or shoes that the shopper is interested in. It is pertinent to mention that CloudCherry is always making new adjustments to the product and release those when they are available. CloudCherry spans across the Globe, hence they aren’t limited with their services to one particular region or geographical presence. “For the days to come, CloudCherry working round-the-clock to offer their customers innovative solutions, in the process revolutionizing the contact center arena,” says Vinod.