Redefining Call Centers through Speech Analytics

Jay Rosenblatt
Jay Rosenblatt, CEO



The most impactful feature of CallFinder’s solution is the scorecard reports that are easy to create and share with team members for transparency.”

Today due to fast-evolving customer expectations, to optimize live interactions most organizations are having to leap-frog from their aging technology stacks of recording, quality monitoring and workforce management towards automated call scoring, and active management through utilizing speech analytics. Vermont based CallFinder has become a leading provider of speech analytics and call scoring technology that is powerful, affordable, and easy to use. The CallFinder solution enables small and medium-sized businesses to improve agent performance, automate quality monitoring, and provide a superior customer experience. CallFinder not only empowers businesses to automatically score agent-customer interactions, the solution scans and transcribes calls for customer insights that only monitoring and analyzing 100 percent of recorded conversations can deliver.

Technology That Drives CallFinder

CallFinder’s speech analytics platform is the over-arching solution that encompasses call and agent scorecards and transcriptions. The company combines a phonetic search engine with a language processing model to provide a robust solution that enhances accuracy rates and ease of use offering analytics on voice as well as text conversations. The most impactful feature of CallFinder’s solution is the scorecard reports that are easy to create and share with team members for transparency in the contact center’s call handling performance, compliance and more. Added benefits of the solution are the customizable reports that clients use to unearth the reasons their customer are calling them, lending the ability to track patterns and trends within agent-customer interactions.

How CallFinder Works to Deliver Insights

It is pertinent to mention, CallFinder processes interactions in near real-time, including metadata, in a systematic, unbiased way so that trends emerge, ultimately transforming unstructured data into actionable business insights. Businesses use CallFinder to reveal agent knowledge gaps and problematic or exemplary behavior to pave the way for coaching opportunities that improve performance, productivity, and call-handling strategies.

CallFinder’s Unique Value – Client Support

The company prides themselves on delivering robust one-on-one training so that businesses quickly become comfortable with the interface, and adept at creating and refining scorecards and reports. Every CallFinder client is assigned a dedicated CallFinder Analyst from their MyAnalyst team who works with them throughout implementation and post-implementation stages to align the discovery with client goals, create scorecards, reports, and train internal stakeholders and users on the CallFinder solution.

Client Experiences With CallFinder

RoadVantage provides automotive road hazard warranty products. They were looking for a way to improve consistency in how information about processes and claims services were delivered to their service writers and customers. The call center was searching for an automated solution to monitor agent-customer conversations to ensure service consistency and deliver prompt and efficient adjudication of claims. The client opted for CallFinder who took the time to work with the client to determine the optimal search structure and scorecards, to meet RoadVantage’s business process and customer experience improvement goals. Working with CallFinder, RoadVantage was able to:

  • Reduce call handle times by 14%.
  • Gain 100% management visibility into their customer interactions.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of QA teams by monitoring more interactions in less time.
  • Identify trends in customer needs and use those insights to improve the customer experience.

RoadVantage is now using the data and insights captured through CallFinder to make strategic decisions about product changes and messaging development in order to meet customer expectations and needs.

Why Work With CallFinder

CallFinder is different from others as they listen and respond to client needs, going as far as creating custom reports if needed to meet and overcome challenges their clients are experiencing in their contact centers. CallFinder was created for tech-savvy and tech-adverse users; it’s easy to navigate and extract valuable business insights, and for the days to come the company will work towards enhancing their solutions and services to empower their clients. While many of CallFinder’s customers are first-time adopters of speech analytics, others have migrated from other less flexible and easy to use solutions.

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