How to Engross Gen Z in the Contact Center?

How to Engross Gen Z in the Contact Center

Gen Z is the real “digital natives” even when compared to the Millennials. They desire constant feedback and appreciation in the workplace. Collaboration is essential to this generation. Hence we need to keep in view what does Gen Z produce to the table and what do organizations need to do to set this new generation up for success? One can accurately observe that this new genre of employees in town have had technology in their hand almost from the moment they could walk. They exist their lives online, curating their names for the world to see and adjusting to platform changes without flickering an eye. As a consequence, managing and employing them in the workplace looks tremendously different than that of Baby Boomers, Gen X, or the Millennials.

Increase Digital Footprint

To state Gen Z is tech savvy does not start to cover how articulate these workers are in front of a screen. Their digitally-driven personalities make Gen Z agents drastically unconventional to train and control. These employees don’t significantly value face-to-face conversation. That’s where extremely interactive virtual classrooms and online learning programs, both of which can be customized to personal learning styles, can be substantial. The predominance of sleek video conference tools and collaborative work platforms (from natural, instant messaging apps to further multifaceted programs like Slack) execute it easy not just to work efficiently, but to retain Gen Z on their ideologies. In the world of contact center, there is a portion of work that is tailormade to leverage Gen Z’s biggest strengths. Chat and in-app maintenance channels are necessary “home” for employees that are so related to screen-based communication.

The Contact Center Aspect

In the world of contact center, where improvements in technologies like AI and machine learning are reconstructing the customer encounter, Gen Z’s digital know-how is expensive. Not only are they comfortable to train from a technological viewpoint, but they are also smart to catch on when changes are pushed out to platforms and manners. Gen Z agents easily understand how software or platform updates cause their jobs more productive. This hasn’t forever been the case – earlier generations can become creatures of habit. Advances have historically been disruptive, generating it harder to get agent buy-in and assistance. Gen Z is transforming this reality – and is often utterly excited about the transition.

Getting them Focused on their Future

Gen Z contact center agents designate an extensive potential for the prospect of the contact center – but only if we retain their unique skill sets and viewpoints today. It begins with making sure they’re the correct fit for the contact center experience, to begin with. Not every member of Gen Z is going to make the excellent agent just because they exist on their smartphones. As this generation catches over their fair share of the labor market, it is on us to determine more about their requirements, wants, and interests so we can produce an employment offer that develops retention with this unique group.

The customer care business can provide unexpected career path opportunities. There are different directions an agent’s occupation could take them in, and it all depends against their motivation to develop and leverage their skillsets and understanding. Providentially, surveys from Northeastern University show that this generation is highly self-directed; they are “prepared to take charge of their futures,” says Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun. He goes on to explain, “Those of us in higher teaching must welcome this next generation and empower them to chart their paths, gain relevant experience, and become the managers of tomorrow.” We would maintain that contact centers must do the same, receiving to and acting upon the aspirations and values of these people.

For this current generation of workers, employing them naturally looks unconventional, but you can’t assume the adjustment to happen inevitably – you ought to be proactive. Knowing how best to train them, interact with them, adequately empower them, and provide them for the future is essential to your – and their – progress in the contact center.